Friday, September 27th

If you’re a beer lover heading to Asheville to celebrate Blue Ridge Pride, we’ve got a day for you!

Asheville’s craft beer scene is among the best in the world. Actually, Asheville’s everything scene is among the best in the world. Like award-winning locally sourced food? You’re covered. Like the great outdoors? The Blue Ridge Mountains are all around. Fan of live music? Sure thing! A super-friendly, all-welcoming community? That’s here too. And, with all that, Asheville might be best known these days for its unrivaled beer scene. So let us give you a taste of this amazing beer city.

If you’d love to see Asheville through the lens of its beer culture with other LGBTQ beer lovers, join our beer day, featuring a curated lineup of immersive behind-the-scenes beer experiences set up just for you.

YOur blue ridge pride beer day Itinerary


1:30pm, Beer stop 2
green man brewery

  • We’ll enjoy phenomenal samples from one of Asheville’s oldest and most beloved breweries

  • We’ll then experience a wonderful brewery tour, which includes some context of the brewery’s work with Blue Ridge Pride and a bit about LUV AVL Brut IPA, which was brewed to celebrate inclusion of all.

    • Walk 6 minutes (0.3 miles) to arrive at…


4:30pm, Beer stop 4
Eurisko Beer Co.

  • Our tour ends at a locally revered brewery that will blow you away!

  • We’ll all enjoy one full pour + one short pour of your choice of Eurisko beers while meeting and chatting with the owner and head brewer.

  • Lastly, we’ll hand out your new pint glasses to go along with your new friends and newfound love of the Asheville beer scene!

  • If you want to continue your Asheville beer exploration, we’ll provide further recommendations, and wish you all a wonderful time at Saturday’s Blue Ridge Pride festival!

11:30am, Beer stop 1

  • The full group meets, we hand out your new t-shirts, everyone gets acquainted, recognizes that each person on the tour is wonderful, and suddenly everyone’s comfy.

  • We meet with a Blue Ridge Pride representative, for a brief intro into Asheville’s LGBTQ history

  • Next, we coat hungry stomachs with an incredible, locally sourced, lunch on our four course (including dessert) food and beer pairing.

  • Before we leave, we marvel at the brew team’s brilliantly experimental approach to brewing — trust us, here you’ll experience something new, and always well-conceived.

    • Walk 4 minutes (0.2 miles) to arrive at…


3pm, beer stop 3
white labs kitchen and tap

  • Welcome to a piece of the brewing chain we’ll bet many of you haven’t yet experienced, a yeast production facility.

  • We’ll take a tour and learn about the cultivation of this critical, living brewing ingredient

  • Then, to illustrate how yeast affects beer’s complexity and taste (and because we like drinking beer), we’ll sample various White Labs beers brewed exactly the same way, with only the yeast strain changed in each. Minds will be blown.

    • Walk 8 minutes (0.4 miles) to arrive at…



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“I've been to quite a few breweries, so I wasn't expecting to learn as much as I did, and while having so much fun. I went in loving beer and came out loving beer even more.”

-Stacey R.; Durham, NC