NYC Craft Beer day

NYC has so much beer to offer! How can we possibly get it all in a day tour???

Great question. The answer is: you sure as hell can’t. BUT you can get a great start. Our NYC day tours change neighborhoods and brewery/beer bar stops all the time, to offer up a wide variety of NYC must-sees and provide the opportunity to explore this great city’s beer culture, place by place and borough by borough. So, whether you’re a local or just visiting for a few days, come behind the scenes and experience the NYC beer scene like an insider on an awesomely abridged version of Beerspoke Travel’s full 4-day Beercation. Only the best for the greatest city in the world!

We’re planning our next beer day for September. Click below and give us your info if you want to be sent the details as soon as the itinerary is set.

Meantime, check out the itinerary below from our latest NYC Beer Day!

Our latest NYC Day Tour Itinerary (From 8/17/2019)


11am, Stop 1
alewife - The Brewpub

  • We all meet and get the group comfy

  • We’ll coat hungry stomachs with brunch during a food and beer pairing, led by a member of the brew team

  • Darts (bad idea) / less sharp games (good idea)

    • Walk 7 minutes (0.4 miles) to arrive at…


2:30, stop 3
Fifth Hammer brewing co.

  • Tasty samples

  • Brewery tour / meet and chat with brew team

  • Games and giant chalkboard for buzzed artists

    • Walk 7 minutes (0.3 miles) to arrive at…


5:30pm-on, for those who want to keep at it…

  • …we’ll give local recommendations, and will call ahead for you

  • We’ll hand out your new t-shirts and pint glasses to go along with your new friends and newfound love of the Queens beer scene!

  • If you hit all 6 LIC breweries (today or another day), you’ll get another commemorative glass with your stamped LIC Brewery Trail postcard!

1pm, stop 2
rockaway brewing co.

  • Tasty samples

  • Meet and chat with the brew team

  • Meet and pet Brownie, the brewery’s official cat mascot

    • Walk 4 minutes (0.2 miles) to arrive at…


4pm, stop 4
iconyc brewery & biergarten

  • Grab a seat at a brand new, awesome (and slightly hard to find) outdoor beer garden

  • Tasty samples

  • Brewery tour available / or lounging for those who’d rather just chill and enjoy the beer



Want to be part of our September Beer Day?

Of course you Do! Click below, give us your details, and we’ll send you the itinerary the moment it’s set!


“I've been to quite a few breweries, so I wasn't expecting to learn as much as I did, and while having so much fun. I went in loving beer and came out loving beer even more.”

-Stacey R.; Durham, NC