Beercation Views



Kyle R.
Durham, NC

“The trip was well organized, the pacing was quite good, and we tried countless fantastic beers. And the beer ‘education’ part varied from place to place more than I expected, so it didn't get repetitive.”

Jason S.
New York, NY

“Great event, top notch beer activities, great supplementary activities, with a good balance.”

Stacey R.
Durham, NC

“I've been to quite a few breweries, so I wasn't expecting to learn as much as I did, and while having so much fun. I went in loving beer and came out loving beer even more.”

Daniel D.
Scottsdale, AZ

“I think [the] approach is both familiar and innovative. I've never heard of anyone doing this on anything more than a local, informal basis, but the scale seems like it should be obvious.”

Loved, loved, loved the electric bike tour!! The blend of city info with beer info was perfect!

Gage S.
New York, NY

"There was a good balance between interacting with brewers and other experts and having opportunities to just explore and sample on our own time. I also felt that the scheduled locations and activities were well-curated to provide a sample of the best the city had to offer.”

Ben A.
Chapel Hill, NC